Is it Really Safe for your Below-10-Year-Old Child to Use Cell Phone?

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EzineSeeker.comAmidst the numerous reasons to buy and not to buy a cell phone for your children below 10, and your kids’ own never ending lists of needs, lies one simple question, if you ever buy a cell phone for your below 10 kids, will it be safe and really worthy a thing to do?

Do You Think Your Child Is Too Young For A Cell Phone?

Some parents simply believe that buying a cell phone for their kids will keep them safe whereas others stay worried about various possible threats and risks that can occur because of cell phone usage. But one thing is clear as crystal if not today, tomorrow you’ll have to buy your child a cell phone, why not get equipped with the safe way of doing it right away?

When you’re closely monitoring your child’s cell phone, you don’t have to worry much about your child’s safety. And this is what most parents who buy an advanced handheld for their 8 or 9 year olds do.  There are some parents who go as far as giving their own old BlackBerry to their kids just to stay in touch with them.  Does it sound unsafe? What if the child gets bullied through the phone? Or attacked by cyber criminals online?

What, When You Have A Better Way To Make Your Child Cell Phone Safe?

But then, these parents have a simple argument -- -- what if the kid gets left out in crowd or at a park, shopping mall, amusement zone, or eatery? What if your child finds somebody trying to kidnap him and feels the need to contact you immediately?

Handing over a cell phone to your child for keeping him safe and be in touch with him can really be a justifiable thing to do if done with some pre-planning and this is what most parents are doing lately. They are parental controlling their kids’ handheld devices. So, they know if their kids are using the device safely and not indulging into any wrong practices.

They feel safe and relaxed as their kids can contact them when in an emergency or simply stay in touch all the time and at the same time they know how their kids are using the cell phone. The advanced child cell phone monitoring apps are really dependable as they record all the details related to the calls, text messages, emails, Internet activities and even the GPS location of your child.

Interestingly, when there are parents buying the first cell phone for their kids only when they turn 10 or 12, there are as young iPhone users as 5 year olds! Sounds unusual!! Now this unusual thing is happening perhaps because their parents have some really dependable cell phone monitoring system working on their kids’ smart phones!!!

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Is it Really Safe for your Below-10-Year-Old Child to Use Cell Phone?

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Is it Really Safe for your Below-10-Year-Old Child to Use Cell Phone?

This article was published on 2013/07/23