How track a cell phone even without GPS

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Cell phones with GPS technology usually work well with cell phone tracking. Assisted means that the cell phone's location is fixed by its information relative to the GPS network and also relative to the cell towers on land.

Mobile phone tracking is an advanced technology used to either track down a cell phone location or send a sms of the working number currently been used by your handset. This technology has come to fight the increasing rate of phone thefts.

Phone tracking is not considered illegal and therefore can be done. However in certain countries there are laws that govern that especially in the UK where you need to have consent from the phone owner to be allowed to track them.

Phones have been stolen containing personal information and other details which can be very risky to the phone owners if such information was used by anyone for their own gain.

Many people become attached to their mobile phones because they become very important devices for them. So if your mobile phone gets stolen, what do you do?

However there are reimbursements of GPS technology. For instance, Using AGPS cell phone enables parents to know where their kids are at anytime. It is also an intention of the authorities that a 911 call that can be instantly pinpointed for use in emergency roadside assistance and locating lost people.

GPS tracking technology allows you to pinpoint where your spouse is going and lets you identify if they are where they say they are. In this article, we are going to cover how to track a phone.

There is now also the ability to run GPS navigation applications direct on a cell phone for way finding uses. New software applications also include travel and tour guides that use the GPS function to provide location based tour guide information direct to the user.

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How track a cell phone even without GPS

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This article was published on 2010/12/04