How to Read someone's Text Messages on their cell phone without having to touch their cell phone

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How to easily read the text messages from someone's cell phone...

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to read the text messages from someone's cell phone without actually having to have their cell phone in your hand the answer to that question is yes and no.

Let me explain. To read the text or SMS messages in someone's cell phone involves that you get a hold of their cell phone just one time. You need to get ahold of their cell phone one time to install a cell phone spy app. It is this cell phone spy app that will intercept the cell phone's text messages whether they are incoming or outgoing and send a copy of these text messages to the Web server that is the members area of your cell phone spy. It is important to note that this cell phone spying program intercepts the cell phones text messages for your viewing without any knowledge on the part of the person whose cell phone has the cell phone spy installed on it. In other words you get to see all their text messages without their knowledge of your doing so. The cell phone spy program runs completely hidden to them.

Once this app has been installed which only takes a couple of minutes you can then log on to your members area of the cell phone spy program such as spy bubble and not only will you be able to see every single text message they send and receive which by the way will include the time the text messages were sent or received, the telephone number text messages are sent to and received from, and the exact text message word for word exactly, but you also be able to see full details of every phone call placed and received as well.

Other cell phone spying programs that also let you view text messages from someone cell phone include spousespy and mobile spy.

Some of the most common reasons for wanting to view someone's text messages on their cell phone include:

  • suspicions of a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend cheating
  • concerned parents wanting to keep tabs on who their children are texting to
  • someone who is just plain nosy and wants to have fun with technology

The bottom line if you want to be able to see someone's text messages from their cell phone without actually having to touch their cell phone other than one time when installing the cell phone spy it is definitely possible to do, simple to do, fun to do, and very inexpensive to do.

For the sake of the completeness of this article I just wanted to mention there is another way to view the text messages from someone's cell phone but it does require that you get access to the phone every time you want to do it. the way it works is you remove the cell phones send card from the back of the phone which is usually underneath the battery. You then insert the cell phones Sim card into a physical device that is about the size of a cigarette lighter. You then plug the device into a USB port of any computer and you can view every single text message from that cell phone even if the text messages have already been deleted. The cost for this device is around $120 to $150.

Overall this method of viewing a cell phone's text messages is not very effective simply because of the cost relative to a cell phone spying membership as mentioned above and the fact that you do have to get full physical access to that cell phone every time you want to view the text messages.

Overall the most efficient and most popular choice for secretly viewing all the text messages on someone's cell phone without actually having to get a physical hold of it is the previously mentioned cell phone spy program spy bubble.

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How to Read someone's Text Messages on their cell phone without having to touch their cell phone

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This article was published on 2011/03/29