How To Catch A Cheater - Weird Cell Phone Behavior

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Since just about everybody today has and uses a cell phone you can be sure that if your partner is using that to communicate with the person they are cheating with there are going to be signs and weird behavior on the part or boyfriend or girlfriend that you need to be on the lookout for.

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The first clue you should look for is if all of a sudden the cell phone becomes much more important to your partner. Are they checking their cell phone for text messages more frequently as if they are expecting important phone calls all the time?

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After your partner gets a text message do they ever leave the room shortly after. This could be because they don't want to risk you seeing that text message. Keep in mind that to be effective in catching your partner cheating you don't want to behave as though you are suspicious they are cheating. You want to act like you are completely ignorant and oblivious to it which will allow your cheating partner to be less guarded which will in turn make their efforts to hide their infidelity more sloppy.

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Does your partner receive text messages at all kinds of weird hours? Keep in mind at your cheating partner may have their cell phone on vibrate only. Of course you can test this by calling that cell phone number, maybe from your cell phone number blocked in another room. If your partner is receiving text messages at 2,3,4, in the morning unless they are a doctor and get emergency calls this is definitely weird and not normal.

How to catch a cheater - weird cell phone behavior #4

Do you get prank calls much more often than you should on your home phone? In other words phone calls when you answer the other person hangs up and doesn't say anything. To help confirm your suspicions of this tell your partner you are going have the phone number traced as you're tired of getting a prank calls. When you say this look at your partner's behavior. If they have nothing to hide they should put up no resistance whatsoever. If they start freaking out about you doing that in any manner then your suspicions about infidelity should definitely be heightened at this point.

What you might want to do is have any unknown or unfamiliar phone numbers traced. One thing you need to be cautious about were aware of if there is a pretty good chance that your cheating partner is a erasing text messages and mobile phone numbers. There is a way you can recover deleted messages even if they have been permanently deleted.

Keep in mind that in order for a relationship to work long term there needs to be trust in the relationship and even more important there needs to be transparency. The only partners in a relationship that do not fully agree and cooperate with transparency most likely have something to hide.

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How To Catch A Cheater - Weird Cell Phone Behavior

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This article was published on 2011/01/04
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